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Termites and Pest Control

If you own a home, it was probably inspected for termites when you purchased it. But just because there weren’t termites found then, doesn’t mean you can forget about them.

Due to their wood-eating habits, termites can do a great deal of damage to untreated buildings and other wooden structures. Often their presence is undetected until the timbers are severely damaged and begin to exhibit visible surface changes.

Once termites have entered a structure, they do not limit themselves to only wood; they also damage paper, cloth, carpets, and any other cellulose materials.

The best way to control subterranean termites is by applying Termidor pesticide around and under the structure. Termidor is a slow-acting insecticide and this "delayed-action" effect allows insects like termites and ants, which live in colonies, time to carry some of the insecticide back to the nest where it elimiminates the whole colony.